Retake Policy

COMPASS Math Placement Test

You may take 2 Math Placement tests at North without a waiting period between them. A 3 month waiting period is required after your second (and any subsequent) Math Placement tests.

COMPASS English Placement Test

You may re-test 3 months after your first test. You must wait 3 months each time you test. If you submit test scores from another institution, they will count toward the re-take policy and you will need to wait 3 months to test again. Scores you submit from another institution will be accepted only if the test date is more than 3 months before or after test scores already on your North testing record. English test scores are valid for 2 years.

The  Placement Testing fee applies for each test, retest or appeal test.

Running Start & Underage Students

The above retake policies apply.

ESL Testing

You may re-take the test in 1 year. There is no fee.


You may take a maximum of 3 tests in each subject area, per calendar year (January - December). However, you may not retake any exam you have passed, unless you need a higher total score (to meet the 2250 total score requirement), after passing all subject tests (with a 410 or higher). There is a $30.00 fee for each test and re-test.