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Georgia Ferguson

Study Abroad participant

Costa Rica was very unexpected. I had seen several pictures of Costa Rica, but when I was there experiencing  the real things and real places, it was both tangibly and intangibly different. The food, the animals, and the environment are all so luscious in color and variety.

The most noticeable element of Costa Rica that I was struck by was how everyday living was so enveloped by the surrounding natural environment. There were bugs, but they were not invasive, they were just there. And they were fascinatingly colored and designed. There was brush and mud, which became the last thing on my mind when scooting into a Soda, or diner, with fellow classmates to get out of the rain and something warm to eat.

The ICLC campus is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, let alone have the opportunity to study at. It’s an ecological campus, so every class or group is required to plant a tree. There are many critters and animals roaming the campus, from rescued stray dogs to extraordinary wood-cutter ants, and all of them I found dear to me.

Not only did I become close to my host family, but also to the school staff, many of my classmates, and their host families too. I still regularly talk to them and share my day. Regardless of if I go back again or not, the people and experiences I have encountered there have imprinted on my mind and have influenced my education and personal values.


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