Get Involved

Project Proposal / Development Process

If you are interested in pursuing a sustainability related project on campus in partnership with the Sustainability Office, the first step is coming in to talk to us. See the Contact Us (link to ‘Contact Us / Office Staff’ page) section of the website for our most updated hours of operation. After all invested parties have a good idea of a path forward, a formal proposal needs to be written and presented to the sustainability committee. The guidelines as used since the sustainability fund’s inception are linked below:

Project Proposal Guidelines

It is likely that this process will change somewhat in the coming months, however the general guidelines and deliverables will be the same, and the committee will agree upon any changes to be made to the proposal process.

Internship / Volunteer Opportunities

The links provided below are lists compiled by work-study student and research assistant to the Sustainability Office, Vicki Berman. The list is made up of organizations across the region that take part in sustainable activities, and often offer periodic internship or volunteer opportunities. We encourage you to look through the list, and make contact with anyone / any organization that sparks your interest. There is contact information and info for the people who coordinate volunteers for most every organization on the list, so please, get involved with the greater community and the amazing work these organizations are taking part in!