Apply for Your P-Patch Garden Plot

The Licton Springs P-Patch is nearly completed, and we here in the Sustainability Office couldn’t be more excited for this groundbreaking community garden to open!

As part of our agreement with the City of Seattle, the Sustainability Committee will be retaining and administering 6 plots on behalf of the school; we are pleased to announce that the you can begin the application process now!

We hope for the garden to be fully completed shortly after the New Year. 

We have drafted a short application (less than 10 minutes to fill out) for the use of those plots, the idea being that the users of these plots will in some way, further the academic value of the garden and / or advance the mission of North. How that is achieved is up to you, and we encourage any and all interested campus members to apply. Whether you’re part of a club or student group, or maybe you and some other staff members would like grow veggies for the food bank, the options are many!

If you or your group are interested in using a plot this coming growing season, please use the link below and fill in the short form. You will be asked to write a couple sentences about how your plan will benefit the school. Our plots will cooperate with the general P-Patch rules and guidelines, which can be found in full detail here.

The application can be found here.