Multicultural and Social Events Board

This board focuses on planning and hosting programs and activities, both in-person and online. The goal of this board is to build community, engage students, and help create a rich intellectual, educational and cultural campus life.

This board is responsible for hosting events that honor the diverse identities and lived experiences of folks in our community: National Coming Out Day, Indigenous Peoples Day, International Night, Dia de los Muertos, Trans Day of Remembrance/Resilience, Lunar New Year, Black History Month, International Women’s Week, Deaf History Month, Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Latinx Heritage Day, and LGBTQ+ Pride Month.

In addition, this board hosts campus-wide quarterly fests (Fall Fest, Winter Fest, and Spring Fest), and wellness events such as Relax & Recharge, and programming for Mental Health Awareness Month and Sexual Assault Awareness/Prevention Month.