Affinity Groups

All are welcome to participate in Affinity Group Lounges. Lounges are hosted by Student Organizations for Equity & Engagement Student Leaders, Affinity Group Employee Advisors and Equity & Welcome Center staff!

Join us daily for Affinity Group Lounges in this Zoom Room (more details below):
PASSCODE: 119678


Asian American/Asian Affinity Group Lounge

The Asian American and Asian Affinity Group aims to be a safe space for students to be in community with Asian culture. We will create a space to discuss how being Asian affects us and create a welcoming community on campus for Asian culture, along with holding fun events and museum visits.

3:30PM – 4:30PM
Hosted by Student Leader and AAPI Student Association (ASA) Employee
AAPI Student Association (ASA) Employee
Advisor Tomoko Okada
Student Leaders: Matt Toups & Kedeste Amsalu 


Indigenous Students Affinity Group Lounge

ISA aims to be a safe place + coalition for Indigenous students and welcome to all- where we share/discuss Indigenous cultures and rights. We acknowledge the diversity of Original Peoples coming from all places, as we strive on Duwamish Coast Salish Land.

3PM – 4PM
Hosted by Student Leader and Indigenous Students Alliance (ISA) Employee
Advisor Rose Buchanan
Student Leader: Gracie Ochoa

Pacific Islander Affinity Group Lounge

The Pacific Islander Affinity Group aims to create a space for Pacific Islanders to be in community with one another, to discuss and practice culture and have a space where Pacific Islander culture has a chance to shine. The Affinity Group hopes to attend museums, live events, and other cultural activities in Seattle, and to hold events for students to gain an exposure to Pacific Islander culture and heritage.

4PM – 5PM
Student Leader:  Matt Toups
Advisor Jeff Bermudes


LGBTQIA+ Student Affinity Group Lounge

The LGBTQIA+ Affinity group aims to be a safe space for students and staff who fall anywhere on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. Our goal is to create an environment where attendees can share and support one another in their identity and life experience, as well as just have fun together chatting about anything from a new favorite TV show to their goals and aspirations for the future.

3PM – 4PM
Hosted by Student Leaders and LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group Employee
Advisor Renee Infelise
Student Leader:  Nichole Eidsmoe

Students with Disabilities Affinity Group Lounge

The mission of the Students with Disabilities Affinity group is to create a space where all attendees are supported and validated in their needs on campus and in their day-to-day lives. We aim to create a group that has both nuanced conversations about accessibility in higher ed, and light-hearted movie nights featuring films created by or uplifting those in the disabled community.

Hosted by Student Leader 
Advisor: Dan Tarker
Student Leader: Nichole Eidsmoe


Latin/e Student Affinity Group Lounge

3 – 4PM
Hosted by Student Leader and Employee
Advisor Cristobal Borges
Student Leader: Gracie Ochoa

International Student Social (open to everyone!)

Thursdays at 5pm 
Any questions? Email


Black / African American Student Affinity Group Lounge

The BSU Affinity group aims to be a safe and welcoming space for people to come together and discuss their experiences or just connect with other Black and African American students in our community.

2 – 3PM
Hosted by Student Leader and Employee
Advisor Belinda Tillman and Equity & Welcome Center Office Assistant Sybrina Woodson
Student Leader: Kedeste Amsalu

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