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Age (see eligibility)

American Literature Classes (see classes)

AP Scores

• Running Start students may use AP scores as college credit towards an Associate’s Degree. Please speak with an advisor for more information regarding AP Scores.


Auditing Classes (see grades)


Below college-level classes

Bus view bus and transit options



• American Literature classes: Some high schools require that students complete an American Literature course. North Seattle offers several English classes that fulfill this requirement. Example classes: American Literature III (ENGL& 246), Literature of American Culture (ENGL 258). Please speak with an advisor for details.

• Music Individual Instruction: These classes are private lessons for students learning to play a musical instrument or improve their vocal skills. Tuition is covered by the Running Start program; however, there are additional substantial fees for this class that are the student’s responsibility.

• Occupational Education Classes These classes may include the following: business courses, computer science courses, information technology courses, nanotechnology courses. Some high schools will also approve nutrition courses or American sign language as occupational education. Please check with your high school counselor for acceptable occupational education courses.

• Below College-level Classes: The Running Start program will not cover the cost associated with classes below college level. If a student would like to take below college-level courses, he/she would need to pay for all tuition and fees. Please see an advisor for details.

• Online Classes (see Online Classes)



  • Running Start credits will transfer to most Washington state universities.
  • Student must check with out-of-state universities about transferring Running Start credits.
  • Five college credits are equivalent to one high school credit.


Deadlines/Academic Calendar

Degree Audit

Distance Learning

Dropping Classes

• Running Start students may drop classes. They must contact the Running Start Office to get the hold removed from their account to drop the classes online. It is the student’s responsibility to inform the high school counselor of any dropped classes. If a student drops a class within the first 10 days of the quarter, the class will not appear on the transcript. If a student drops a class between the third and eighth week of the quarter, the grade will appear as a “W” and will not affect the GPA.



Enrollment Verification Form - download enrollment form


Fee Waiver - download fee waiver form

Fees (see cost)

Fifth-year senior

• Students who participated in the Running Start program during their junior or senior year may access the program as fifth-year seniors to complete high school graduation requirements. The classes taken in the Running Start program during a student’s fifth year must be high school graduation requirements; no electives will be covered.


Getting Started-see Running Start home page


  • View your Grades/Unofficial Transcript.
  • Audit: Running Start students may not audit classes.
  • No Credit (NC): This does not affect the GPA; you must request a NC grade directly from the instructor
  • Incomplete (I): The student must request an incomplete from the instructor; the student should have attended most of the quarter and must complete the missing work before the end of the following quarter. This is rarely granted and is typically due to illness (hospitalization) or circumstances beyond the student’s control.
  • Withdrawal: This does not affect your GPA; you must withdraw by the deadline (usually before the 8th week of the quarter). The student must contact the Running Start Office and the high school if wanting to withdraw.
  • See more on Grades. (link to Advising web page)


  • All classes required for high school graduation must be completed by the end of winter quarter, because high school graduation occurs before the college spring quarter ends. A high school senior may still access the program for the spring quarter, but will only be eligible for elective courses.
  • Running Start students who earn an Associate’s degree may participate in commencement at the College.
  • Students earning an Associate’s degree must complete a graduation application with the College.


High School Counselor

  • Running Start students must meet with their high school counselor each quarter to determine what courses they are eligible to take. Running Start advisors follow the approved courses indicated on the enrollment verification form, signed by the high school counselor and parent/guardian. It is important for students to communicate regularly with their counselor if they are making changes to their schedule.

Home School

  • Running Start home school students need to be connected with a home school resource center to access the program.


Music individual instruction (see classes)



IDNo Credit (see grades)


Occ Ed. Classes (see classes)

Online Classes/eLearning

Online classes/eLearning classes are available to Running Start students. However, we highly encourage students to consider taking fully online classes after they have completed at least one quarter in the program.

• Out-of-state Schools (see transfer)


Parents - View parent resources

Parking View North Seattle College parking information

Photo ID

• Running Start does not cover cost of photo ID.

Placement Tests

  • Running Start students must take the COMPASS placement test and place into college-level English OR math. A North student ID number and photo ID are required to take the placement test. The testing fee is $19. If you qualify for free/reduced lunch at your high school, you may have your testing fee waived.
  • If you would like to use your SAT or AP scores in lieu of taking the placement test, please contact the Running Start Office.


Retaking Courses

• If you are going to retake a course, you must get permission from your high school counselor to do so.

• After you have taken the course for the second time, you must request a grade recalculation from the Registration Office to have it changed on your transcript. This will change your GPA, but please be aware that the first grade will still appear on your transcript.


Senior Project

  • Running Start students must complete all graduation requirements through their high school, including their senior project. Some high schools will allow students to take English 102 in lieu of their senior project. Please check with your high school counselor if you have questions.


  • Running Start students may participate in high school sports, regardless of the number of Running Start credits they are enrolled in. College sports are not available to Running Start students.

Student ID (see photo ID)

Summer Classes- view Taking Summer Classes




  • Textbooks may be purchased through the North Seattle College bookstore. The cost for textbooks can range from $50-600 per quarter.
  • Students on the fee waiver program may check out their textbooks from the Running Start Office each quarter. They are responsible to keep textbooks in good condition and return them after their finals are complete for the quarter.




  • Running Start students are responsible for the cost of transportation. This may include a parking pass or bus pass. You may purchase these at the Cashier’s Office.
  • If you are taking classes at both your high school and the College, please keep transportation time in mind when choosing your classes.


UW-Freshman Application 

• Running Start students will apply to universities as freshmen, even if they have earned a degree or taken a substantial number of college credits.




  • Running Start students need to communicate with the Running Start Office if they want to withdraw from a class. The block will need to be removed from their account so they can withdraw from the class online.
  • For more information, see “Grades.”