North Seattle College will not be accepting new students into the Residential Appraiser Trainee certificate program at this time. This certificate is on hold until further notice. If you have questions about if/when this status may change or other options for pursuing this career, please contact the Real Estate Program Coordinator at


Upon completion of the Residential Appraiser Trainee certificate, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of real estate law and economics affecting the Puget Sound region
  • Perform valuations of residential and investment properties
  • Use technology to support real estate related research, analysis, reporting, and marketing activities
  • Practice according to the ethical and legal standards of the real estate and real estate appraisal industries
  • Participate in on-going learning activities that contribute to personal and professional growth, and the improvement of the real estate and real estate appraisal industries
  • Communicate effectively in a real estate environment
  • Develop and nurture a professional real estate network

Learn more about Washington State requirements for real estate appraisers.

Learning Outcomes
  • Perform valuations of residential and/or investment properties.
  • Explain fair and ethical behavior expected of all participants, especially appraisers, in any real property transaction.
  • Use technology to support Real Estate related research, analysis, reporting, and marketing activities.
  • Describe potential fraud situations and how participants in real estate transactions can avoid problems and help reduce the negative impacts of real estate fraud.
  • Register to be a Washington State Appraiser Trainee.
Course Number Course Title Credits
course(RES100) Real Estate Fundamentals 5
course(RES101) Technology for Real Estate 5
course(RES106) Real Estate Fraud 1
course(RES125) Applications of Real Estate Math 2
course(RES180) Basic Appraisal Principles 3
course(RES183) Basic Appraisal Procedures 3
course(RES281) National USPAP Course 1.5


Total Credits -- Minimum