Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes detail the knowledge, skills and abilities that you as a student will demonstrate upon successful completion of your program.

Watch Technology AAS

  1. Competently service mechanical, electronic, and chronographic watches and perform case and bracelet repair and refinishing

  2. Use comprehensive product knowledge to make informed judgments and recommendations  regarding watch repair and service.

  3. Thoroughly assess the scope of incoming work, accurately estimate repair time and costs, and clearly communicate this information to customers.

  4. Find and use resources pertinent to watch repair and service.

  5. Read and understand technical drawings related to watch repair and service.

  6. Effectively use measuring devices related to watch repair and service.

  7. Safely and effectively use and maintain appropriate tools and chemicals.

  8. Practice professional work habits:  (a) maintain a clean and orderly workspace; exhibit a systematic approach to watch repair and service, and (c) maintain accurate and accessible records.