Employment Information


Compensation varies geographically and with venue. In recent years, NSC graduates have accepted watchmaking jobs with entry-level salaries ranging from $40,000 to $60,000. Graduates are employed at high end jewelry stores throughout the U.S. and factory service centers.

Working Conditions

Watchmaking provides options to work in many different environments:

  • as a watchmaker/service technician in a workshop or service center for mechanical and electronic watches.

  • as owner, manager or employee of an independent watch repair center or jewelry store.

  • as a supervisor/manager of an after-sales service network for a watch distributor or brand on a regional or national basis.

  • as a trainer in specific products for one or several brands.

Employment Outlook

Over the past 10 years, Switzerland has produced millions of high-grade watches each year. These watches have complex mechanisms and specially designed features that require expert maintenance and repair. There is a greater need for watchmakers than the schools can supply — provided an applicant is willing to relocate.