Application & Fees

The Watch Tech application process is designed to find students with a natural aptitude for the type of work you will be doing in class and career.  Therefore, even if you have no experience with watch repair, you can still be successful in the application process.

The application process does require the applicant to pass a mechanical aptitude as well as a practical assessment. North accepts applications throughout the year, but it is beneficial to apply early, as there are a limited number of spaces available and limited financial aid. Students may only start classes in Fall Quarter. Check the website for NSC registration due dates. 

Application Steps

Download application now
or stop by the Business, Engineering and IT division to pick up a copy in person

The application document contains detailed application process information. Below are the major milestones in the process:

Step 1: Apply to NSC to get an NSC student identification (SID) number.

Step 2: Apply for financial aid or other financial support (if applicable).

Step 3: Submit a completed Watch Technology application form.

Step 4: Follow steps outlined in the application packet to complete the online mechanical aptitude assessment and onsite written and practical assessment.

Step 5: If accepted, respond to the acceptance letter.

Step 6: Register and pay for classes, tools and textbook as outlined in the application packet.

Step 7: Attend the NSC New Student Orientation. 

*International students: The process is different for international students. You will need to complete all the forms required to receive a student visa and complete application to the college at the International Programs office.

Program Costs

Please see the NSC website for the college tuition and general fees. In addition to general college tuition and fees, WTI students have fees for tools and textbooks. 


Tools and materials are purchased in multiple kits. The total cost is approximately $5,000. The tool kit fee is added to tuition when you register. Please note that the fees for the toolkits are non-refundable after the first day of the quarter.  Students pay half of this fee upon first quarter registration. The second half of this fee is paid upon the second quarter of registration. 


There are two textbooks that must be purchased throughout the two years of study. The combined cost is approximately $202. Students must pay for these books before the first day of class using the invoice in the application packet. 

Financial & Job Help 

Financial aid opportunities are available, including the College's Education Fund and WTI scholarships. Go to here to apply for financial aid.  On the financial aid page you will also find links to other financial support programs.