Programs with sustainability/environmental component:

Green Real Estate Certificate


Sustainable and Conventional Energy and Control Technology

Integrated studies for-credit courses with sustainability/environmental component
(courses run periodically) 

Coordinated Studies

A Sense of Place

From Atoms to Ecosystems

Living off the Land: Food, Farms and Stories of Place

Beginnings: Connecting Learning, Identity and Culture

Hope in the Dark: Examples of Activism

The World of Work: From Africa to Wall Street

Earth, Sea, Sky: The Science for a 
Sustainable Planet

Land, Sea, Air: Toxic Environments and Environmental Justice

Embracing a Complex Future

Linked Courses

Environmental Science and Policy

Pacific NW History and Anthropology

Pollution, Parks and Politicians: 
The Political History of U.S. Environmental Policy

Individual for-credit courses with sustainability/environmental component

BIOL 125  Biology of the Pacific Northwest  

BIOL 130  Northwest Ornithology

BUS 186  Sustainable Business

CCE 200  Children and Nature

ENVS 150  Environmental Issues and Problems

ENVS 160  Introduction to Sustainability

ENVS 170  Energy and Resources, Now and Future

GEOL& 110  Environmental Geology

HIST 230  United States Environmental History

OCEA& 100  Survey of Oceanography

PHIL 220  Environmental and Human Rights

POLS 102  American Government/Environmental Policy

RES 130  Green Real Estate

RES 131  Green Building Materials

RES 132  Marketing, Education and Ethics in Sustainable Development

RES 133  Energy Efficient Design and Development

RES 134  Smart Locations, Integrated Communities, Sustainable Sites and Water Protection

RES 135  Healthy Buildings and Indoor Air Quality

RES 141  Land Use Principles and Practice

RES 217  Real Estate Development and Sustainability

SCI 113  Marsh Ecology

Individual non-credit courses with sustainability/environmental component:

Urban Forester Course

Easy Backyard Habitat Garden Design