Real Estate Finance

Certificates Prepare You for Real Estate Financing Careers

Be ready for improvement in the real estate market by getting your education now. Through North Seattle College, you can prepare for careers in real estate financing with the Loan Originator certificate and Loan Processor certificate.

Loan Originator

The Loan Originator certificate prepares you to enter the residential mortgage industry with the tools to pre-qualify prospective borrowers and pair them with the right loan programs. In classes you learn about the wide range of available financial programs, the latest laws and regulations, and the newest required forms.

Loan Processor

With the Loan Processor certificate you’ll be able start as a loan processor and move up to loan underwriter if desired. The certificate content introduces you to the current software used to process loan requests.

Meet State/National Requirements

These certificates make you eligible for jobs throughout the U.S. Loan processor and loan originator are dynamic careers because the industry is constantly changing, and there are many different finance programs and borrowers.

Courses meet Washington State Department of Licensing requirements for continuing education (DOL clock hours).

Internships/Convenient Schedules/Aid

You will apply your studies, including filling out loan applications. There are internship options, and classes are conveniently scheduled on evenings and weekends to accommodate working adults.

Financial aid is available through Workforce Education/Worker Retraining and real estate program scholarships.

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