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Parent education students apply to and enroll as students at North Seattle College. Follow the process in admissions and enrollment steps.

(The Parent Education program operates on the Seattle Public School schedule rather than North's quarterly schedule and has earlier timelines for applying/registering.)

Classes for Parents with Children in the Coop Preschool Program (3 credits)
There are approximately 40 class sections of parent education, each affiliated with a particular cooperative preschool program. Parent coop classes are exclusively for parents or parenting figures (grandparent, nanny or guardian) who have a child currently enrolled in a North Seattle College coop preschool.

How It Works
Parents are actively involved in their child’s educational experience by participating once a week in non-profit cooperative preschool laboratory where their child is enrolled. Crucial to the program is participation one evening per month in the adult-only instructional part of the class — a lively parent discussion group, led by a professional adult educator, where parents process what is learned from the laboratory experience and explore parenting options.

In this course, the parent educator is the parent’s “professor,” the monthly parent education meeting is the “class,” and the preschool is the “class laboratory.”

Course Content
Topics for discussion can include guidance and discipline, normal stages of child development, child-rearing values and attitudes, the physical needs of family members, and use of community resources. No single child-rearing philosophy is advocated. All voices are honored, and the atmosphere is accepting and supportive.

For more information (locations, openings, section numbers for registration, etc.), visit the North Seattle College Preschool Coop Web pages or call (206) 527-3783.

Additional Parenting Classes
Join a community of online learners.

FAM 184 Understanding Children (5 credits-online)
Understanding Children is relevant for students with children birth through 18 years of age in their care. The course enables students to extract and adopt principles applicable to parenting. There will be a different focus of study each quarter.

This fully online class includes an instructor-generated track (where instructors choose discussion topics based on student need) and an emergent curriculum. Students can network, share information, ask questions, provide mutual support and practice skills with children in their care. Updated research and resources about early childhood help students create a virtual library of articles and Web links.

The class is offered quarterly and tuition is $80 (5 credits), plus a technology fee of $35, for a total of $115. FAM 184 is facilitated by instructors Mara Mulcahy and Beth Goss.
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