Nursing Assistant-Certified
How to Get Started

The following information will help you get started in applying to North's Nursing Assistant-Certified program.


Admission to the NA-C program requires instructor permission and completion of the following tasks:

     • Attend an Information Session. See the Calendar for dates and times. At the information session, complete and submit an application to the NA-C program along with a writing sample.

     • Provide documentation of one of the following:

1. General program entry requirements (fall, winter, spring quarters)

Submission of unofficial college transcript showing successful completion (2.0 grade or higher) of ENGL 097/098 or higher or COMPASS test placement into ENGL& 101 within two years equivalent or higher, 
Official transcripts are not required for classes taken within the Seattle Colleges District (North, Central, South or SVI)

2. Program entry requirements for students who qualify for the  I-BEST program (fall, spring quarters)

  • (Non-native English speakers who have not taken English (097/098) applicants must take CASAS test with 227 minimum reading & listening score.(test scores within 6 months)


     • (Native English speakers who have not taken English 097/098) applicants must take CASAS English & Math test with a 227 minimum reading score. (test scores within 6 months)

Admission to this program will be denied to anyone who:

     • has been discharged from any job due to safety and/or security issues

     • has been discharged from any vocational/academic program due to safety and/or security issues

     • lacks a clear criminal background check

     • has incurred any event from the list of disqualifying crimes against persons as listed under the Secretary's List of disqualifying crimes under Federal Law

Priority for admission will be given to Adult Basic Education (ABE), English as a Second Language (ESL) and/or Workforce Education students.

Additional Requirements

To participate in the NA-C program, applicants must:

• be 18 years of age or older

• show proof of up-to-date immunizations and TB test once accepted into the program

• be able to read, write and speak English proficiently

Review Prerequisites, Curriculum & Notes

Please review the prerequisites for the NA-C program, the curriculum and the notes about background checks on the NA-C certificate page. When you are done reading that section, use your browser's back button to return to this page.