Nursing Assistant-Certified
Employment Information


NA-C wages range from $10.10 to $18.21/hour in Washington state and from $8.94 - $17.20//hour nationally.

Working Conditions

NA-Cs work in long-term care nursing facilities, hospitals or community health agencies. (52 percent are employed in nursing and residential care facilities and 29 percent in hospitals.) 40-hour work weeks, with evening, night, weekend and holiday shifts, are usual. 23 percent work part-time

A nursing assistant’s work involves high physical and emotional demands with many hours standing and the need to guard against back injury, as well as exposure to infection and disease. Nursing assistants must perform some unpleasant tasks and work with patients who may be disoriented, irritable or uncooperative.

Employment Outlook

Job opportunities are currently excellent. Demand is expected to grow 17 percent through 2022 in Washington state and 21 percent nationally, with more jobs in residential care facilities than in hospitals.