Engineering Graphics and Design Technology
Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes detail the knowledge, skills and abilities that you as a student will demonstrate upon successful completion of your program.

Architectural Engineering Drafting, AAS

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of drafting conventions including symbols, linetypes, lineweights, and dimension styles as applicable to the design discipline.

  2. Read architectural prints, solve common architectural problems, and produce 2-D and 3-D drawings by hand and using CAD software.

  3. Complete a comprehensive design project using architectural drawings suitable for planning division approval and structural drawings to industry standards.

  4. Describe the role and purpose of building codes and standards as they pertain to the life, health, and safety of the public.

  5. Illustrate the construction process from the transformation of an idea or need into a completed project.

  6. Perform and support estimating functions, including national quantity, types, costs, labor requirements, equipment, and scheduling functions.