Engineering Graphics and Design Technology
Preparation & Advancement


Employers typically prefer drafters with 2-year college or technical school professional training. Employers look for drafters with well-developed drafting and mechanical drawing skills who are familiar with CAD programs and, more recently, BIM software. Communication and problem-solving skills are important.


Certification is preferred but not required by employers.

The American Design Drafting Association (ADDA) has established a certification program for drafters. The Drafter Certification Test is administered periodically at ADDA-authorized sites. Applicants are tested on basic drafting concepts such as geometric construction, working drawings and architectural terms and standards.

BIM certification is available through Auto Desk (the makers of the software).


Training in engineering graphics and design technology may lead to work as:

  • a civil, architectural, engineering, mechanical or aeronautical drafter or drafting technician.

  • a BIM or CAD manager.

  • (with further education) an architect or mechanical, structural or electrical engineer.