Engineering Graphics and Design Technology

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Engineering Graphics & Design Technology


The certificate prepares students for the growing number of entry-level jobs in engineering, construction, and architectural firms. Coursework includes instruction and hands-on training in: computer and conventional drafting, construction materials and processes, basic engineering mechanics, and architectural cost estimating. Students complete 49 credits, resulting in an Architectural Engineering Drafting Certificate. Students can continue their education by moving into the Architectural Engineering Drafting AAS.

Estimated Length of Completion

Degree Quarters Credits
Certificate Full Time: 4
Part Time: 6

Program lengths are estimates, not guarantees. For the most current program information, please check with the program contact.

Placement into ENGL 097 / ENGL 098 or higher, Placement into MATH 084 or higher Completion of BUS 169 or IT 101.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of construction materials and methods as well as their building systems.
  • Utilize building codes and standards appropriately in the design environment.
  • Perform data management and communicate ideas clearly.
  • Demonstrate the ability to produce accurate as-built drawings from measurements.
  • Clearly produce construction drawings using 2D CAD software.
  • Demonstrate ability to analyze structural effects of a building on the surrounding community.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of building types.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of infrastructure; i.e. HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing.

For current employment and wage estimates, please visit the following online resources and search for the relevant occupational term:

All costs are estimates and are not guarantees. For the most current program information, check with an adviser by calling 206.934.5391. There are additional costs for books and supplies. Each student is responsible for the purchase of certain supplies and required tools before the instruction begins.

Part Time

  • Resident Cost : $5,538.96
  • NonResident Cost : $6,272.00
  • International Student Cost : $14,272.72

Hours may vary based on specific program requirements. For the most current program information, check with an adviser by calling 206.934.5391.

Worker Friendly

This program is offered at times and in formats that meet the needs of working adults. This includes:

  • Hybrid
  • Hybrid courses provide students with the scheduling flexibility of fewer campus visits while covering the same materials as an equivalent class held entirely on campus. Hybrid classes usually have at least one on-campus meeting per week combined with a "virtual classroom" with online content, lessons and activities.

Worker Friendly

This program is offered at times and in formats that meet the needs of working adults. This includes:

  • Evening
  • Courses with a start time of 4:00 PM or later.


Course Course ID Credits Availability

Introduces basic Computer Aided Drafting practices using Autodesk's AutoCAD program. Focus will be on drawing commands, layering, scaling, dimensioning and text styles as used in construction/design applications. Emphasis placed on developing production skills. The first of a two-class sequence. Open Lab. Computer Fee.

TDR 111 5.0

Course continuation of TDR 111. Focus will be on usage of external sources, creation of blocks, paper space/model space, file management and exchange and plotting as it relates to construction/design applications. Isometrics and 3D concepts may be introduced. Computer Fee.

TDR 112 5.0

Designed to acquaint students with fundamentals of hand sketching/drafting using architectural/engineering plans and details as instruction materials. Focus will be placed on the use of basic equipment, linework, hand lettering, orthographic projections, isometrics and basic sheet layout. After introduction of basics, student may select discipline options including design of basic mechanical, architectural and engineering drawings. Open lab.

TDR 113 5.0

Introduces the basic materials used in construction, with discussion on manufacturing, fabrication, design and assembly processes for large and small buildings. Focus on steel, concrete wood and masonry construction.

TDR 124 5.0

Course focuses on the major building systems including foundations, structural systems, heat loss prevention, water and waste, fire protection, electrical and HVAC. Course introduces the Uniform Building Code, type of construction and a historical discussion. Discussion will include heat loss calculation and lateral loads and their resisting elements.

TDR 134 5.0

Introduces basic organizational, business and legal aspects of the construction/design industry. Includes business forms, contractual oblications, employment issues, registration duties to the public, safety and other issues, which may affect business.

TDR 144 5.0

Student will be introduced to advanced concepts of AutoCAD. Course continues skill-building with the AutoCAD program and offers instruction and hands-on practice in the development of productivity tools such as macros, templates, and system customizing. In addition, students will begin to work in 3D (three dimension). Prerequisite: TDR 175. Computer Fee.

TDR 176 4.0

Course Course ID Credits Availability

This course teaches effective interpersonal communication skills. Students learn communication styles and effective ways to adapt communication to meet business needs. Through individual and group activities, students improve understanding of cultural diversity, non-verbal communication, and individual influences on communication. Techniques for making informal and formal business presentations are also covered. Careful preparation for the employment interview is emphasized.

BUS 236 5.0

Course Substitute : MATH& 141 - Pre-Calculus I (5 credits) or higher level math course

This is an overview of basic mathematical applications for electronic circuit analysis. Includes fundamental concepts of operations with numbers, the metric system, fundamental algebraic concepts, graphing, exponential and logarithmic functions, right angle triangles, basic trig functions, vectors and complex numbers. Prerequisite: MAT 081 or equivalent.

EET 109 5.0

English 101 is a college-level writing course that emphasizes academic writing and major strategies of reading and writing analytically. Writing assignments focus on engaging with and responding to a variety of texts. Instruction encourages students to develop, through revision and reflection, as readers, writers, and critical thinkers. PREREQ: Placement into ENGL&101.

ENGL&101 5.0