Emergency Department Technician
Employment Information

Wages, employment trends and pathways: 
There is no standard occupational code for Emergency Department Technician, making it difficult to analyze labor market demand. The best way to research local job openings is to look at an online job site such as or using the key words “emergency technician,” or look at job listings on hospital websites.

Potential job titles are:

  • Emergency Department Technician

  • Emergency Room Technician

  • Emergency Medicine Patient Care Technician

  • Emergency Medical Technician

  • Emergency Services Technician

Median wages $35,000 to $44,000

Employment Trends
Regional population growth feeds the expansion of emergency department and urgent care technician demand. Graduates of Emergency Department Technician certificate program will have a hiring advantage over applicants with no training or formal education in this health care field.

This position often serves as a first step to further advancement in the field of health care. Many EDTs purse further education in health care and go on to be allied health managers and supervisors, registered nurses, physician assistants or doctors. Because of this advancement within the health care field, there are frequent job openings for new entry-level applicants.