International Students
B.A.S. International Business
Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes detail the knowledge, skills and abilities that you, as a student, will demonstrate upon successful completion of your program.

Demonstrate a basic understanding of micro- and macroeconomics theory and their application in an international business environment

Analyze the impact of a variety of environmental and global factors in relation to formulating marketing strategies

Analyze and respond to competitors in a highly dynamic international market

Apply core management functions to decision-making, planning, organizing, prioritizing, and leading in a business environment

Demonstrate the basic foundation of and the difference between the international legal system and the American legal system

Broadly assess complex legal situations by defining and using applicable legal principles

Demonstrate how environmental factors such as politics, demographics, technology, geography, and culture affect the business climate and business operations

Evaluate foreign exchange markets and exchange rate systems

Practice within the legal and ethical framework of businesses

Demonstrate an understanding of operations management, including how businesses plan, design, and implement their global supply chain operations, manufacturing processes, and project management

Use current and emerging technologies to solve workplace problems through research, analysis, synthesis, presentation and results tracking

Make effective use of human and cultural differences (e.g., learning style, communication style, ethnicity, age, gender) to create positive relationships with coworkers, peers and the public

Communicate effectively in oral and written forms in an international business environment

Demonstrate proficiency in more than one language

Demonstrate successful real-world international business experience through internship

Demonstrate the principles of marketing within a global context by developing a marketing plan for a region of the world

Demonstrate understanding of what global strategy is and its importance to business survival and success