International Students
B.A.S. International Business

Students who have satisfied all prerequisites can complete the International Business Bachelor of Applied Science degree in two years.
Students can complete the program as full-time (12+ credits per quarter) or part-time (under 12 credits per quarter) students. Part-time students may take more than two years to complete the program, depending on the number of general education and elective requirements that still need to be completed when starting the program.

Upon acceptance into the B.A.S. program, students are placed in a cohort with the other accepted students.  This means that the students in each cohort move through the International Business (IBN) classes each quarter with the same group of 25-30 students. The classes are offered only once per year and students must follow the course schedule each quarter. Each quarter B.A.S. students will take approximately 8-10 upper level IBN credits. Many students take an additional general education or required elective course each quarter in order to finish the program within two years.

The International Business B.A.S. degree is a two year program with upper level IBN courses scheduled for fall, winter, and spring quarters for two consecutive years. There are no courses scheduled for the summer quarter, but students may choose to complete the internship, practicum, or additional general education credits during summer quarters if desired.

There are two options for course schedules while in the IB B.A.S. program:

Option 1: HYBRID - IB B.A.S. classes are offered in the evening and students accepted to the program will have class two nights a week from 5:00pm – 8:30pm. Hybrid classes are a blend of in-person instruction and online instruction, which allows students valuable face-to-face time with an instructor, but limits the on-campus meeting time for each class. The first year of the program generally meets on Monday and Wednesday evenings and the second year of the program generally meets on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Option 2: FULLY ONLINE - IB B.A.S. classes are offered 100% online, with no requirement to attend on-campus class.

Yes, North Seattle College is regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities to occur and confer associate and bachelor’s degrees. The International Business B.A.S. degree has been awarded full accreditation status.

The International Business B.A.S. program is cohort-oriented and begins each fall quarter. This means that all B.A.S. students will be in the same peer group for the duration of the program. Since courses are not offered every quarter, it is imperative that students work with their program advisors to ensure a plan is developed for finishing the program. Admission to the International Business B.A.S. degree program is competitive. Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee admission, as the number of qualified applicants may exceed the number of available enrollment spaces. Preference is given to qualified applicants who apply by the first priority deadline, March 15. Please check the program webpage for additional application dates or contact  for application deadlines and information.

Yes. Students who have not been formally admitted to the program may register with faculty permission for a maximum of 15 International Business credits. You will be considered a non-matriculated student and will remain under this status until you apply and are formally admitted to the program at the following fall quarter start date.

Yes. B.A.S. programs begin fall quarter and admitted students follow a specific sequence of courses. Please refer to the Program Planning Guide for more information.

While in the B.A.S. program, quarterly tuition for resident students is $209.98 per credit up to 10 credits and $10.49 per credit for credits 11-18. This rate does not apply to summer quarter. Tuition for each quarter in the program is approximately $2,200. Assuming $2,200 per quarter, students can expect the two year B.A.S. degree to cost approximately $13,000 for resident students.

Tuition for international students is approximately $610 per credit and approximately $6,100 per quarter if attending full time. International students can expect the two year B.A.S. degree to cost approximately $37,000.

For exact pricing, please refer to the B.A.S. degree Tuition Table.

Yes. Eligible students will receive financial aid specifically tailored to the B.A.S. programs, accounting for program length and higher tuition rates. Students should complete the FAFSA and submit necessary data sheets to the financial aid office by the spring priority deadline for full financial aid consideration. Please visit the financial aid web page for all financial aid application information.

The practicum and internship are two separate experiential learning courses in the IB B.A.S. degree.

The B.A.S. practicum is an applied, hands-on learning experience where students will be immersed in another culture and/or another language. Students have several options to complete the practicum, including independent travel abroad, participation in the program’s Global Work Integrated Learning project with Malaysian and Australia universities, or Credit for Prior Learning for past experience living in a different culture (must receive faculty approval).

The B.A.S. internship is another hands-on learning experience that will include the B.A.S. student working at a company or organization and applying skills and knowledge learned in the IB B.A.S. program. Students have the option to do their internship abroad or stay within the United States and work with a business that is involved in aspects of international business. Students must complete 33 hours of work experience for each of the required 8 credits of the internship course, totaling 264 work hours. Students have the option of completing the 8 credit internship course in one quarter, or spreading it between two quarters.

No. Students will need an associate degree (or equivalent) plus all of the prerequisites to begin the program. The A.A.S.-T in business, accounting, or real estate, and Associate of Business DTA best prepare students to enter the program, but other associate degrees are also accepted. Students completing other associate degrees may have to take additional courses to meet prerequisite or general education/elective requirements.

If you have already completed 90 quarter credits (60 semester credits), but have not earned an associate degree, you may be eligible to bypass the associate degree requirement and start the IB B.A.S. program. You will still be required to complete the program course prerequisites before beginning. Please contact Program Director Jesse Cooley for more information.

Those that already have a bachelor’s degree in another field can take as little as 60 credits of upper division coursework (the AIA courses) and earn their second bachelor’s degree in accounting with international accounting in just six quarters.

Yes. Students must have their international transcripts evaluated by an approved third party agency. The IB B.A.S. degree can accept and apply international credits towards completing the program once the third party international transcript evaluation is complete. Please see the Credentials Department webpage on international credits for the process to transfer in international credits.

Yes. You must meet with the International Programs Office prior to applying.

B.A.S. degrees are focused providing on hands-on experiences and incorporating job relevant skills into the classroom, whereas B.A. or B.S. degrees may focus more on theory. The International Business B.A.S. (IB B.A.S.) degree focuses on group projects in almost every class. The IB B.A.S. degree also works with industry partners to bring real projects into the classroom and frequently incorporates guest speakers and panels.

Additionally, B.A.S. degrees can accept professional and technical credits and transfer credits completed in an AA, AB, A.A.S. or A.A.S.-T. degree. B.A. and B.S. degrees often do not accept technical credits transferred from A.A.S. or A.A.S.-T. degrees.

Yes. Our B.A.S. program is regionally accredited. International Business B.A.S. graduates have attended and graduated from master’s degree programs across the state. North Seattle College has purposely worked with universities to review the B.A.S. curriculum in order to give B.A.S. graduates master’s degree opportunities.

Please call or email the IB B.A.S. program advising. Phone: (206) 934-7794 Email: