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B.A.S. Accounting with International Accounting
Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes detail the knowledge, skills and abilities that you, as a student, will demonstrate upon successful completion of your program. As a student, you will be able to…

1. Apply accounting concepts, principles, standards, and processes in GAAP, IFRS, and other statutory reporting systems

2. Apply cultural knowledge and understanding to create positive and productive relationships with colleagues, customers, and stakeholders

3. Assess business risks related to internal controls, financial reporting, and/or audits

4. Assess the accounting implications of an economic event, from basic transactions to mergers and acquisitions, by applying the principles, standards, and practices of financial accounting

5. Assess the intersection of business, accounting, and professional practices with legal, ethical, social, political, and environmental frameworks

6. Collaborate and operate efficiently in a team setting to support organizational goals

7. Communicate effectively and professionally in a business environment

8. Demonstrate strong personal organizational skills, including a capacity for responsive and timely work

9. Evaluate the tax implications of transactions and global operations by researching and applying authoritative tax codes and treaties

10. Explain the impact of interest rates, inflation, and currency exchange rates on financial markets, institutions, and decision making

11. Find, organize, assess and analyze data to develop a digital mindset and to support organizational decision making

12. Understand the impact of sustainability, geography, and the consequences of change in global ecosystems on accounting practices and stakeholders

13. Understand the impact of differences in national government laws, policies, rules, and regulations, and of geopolitical events on accounting practices and stakeholders