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B.A.S. Accounting with International Accounting
Program Format & Class Schedule

The Accounting, with International Accounting Bachelor of Applied Science (AIA BAS) program is offered as a fully online program.

Fully Online Program

In the fully online program, all AIA BAS upper division courses are offered fully online. Online students will not be required to attend campus for classwork or orientation. It is preferred students attend the in-person orientation if possible, but they can also complete an online orientation option if necessary. If a student still needs general education and/or additional elective courses, these can be completed in whatever way is best for the student's schedule. Some students may prefer to take courses online; others may wish to take them during evenings or in the summer quarter, etc. It is recommended that those courses be taken through North Seattle College, but if the student has need to take the courses elsewhere and their funding will cover it, we will support them in doing so. The online program is an affordable bachelor's degree option for any domestic student regardless of location. All domestic students pay resident in-state tuition at the Seattle Colleges.

Part-time or Full-time

The fully online programs have the option to take the program full time (12-18 credits per quarter) or part-time (approximately 10 credits per quarter). Most students need 2-3 years to complete if they have 100 or less credits transferring and work full time, especially if they still need to complete their prerequisites. Students with more than 100 credits transferring in OR who work less than full time may be able to complete in 2 years.

Next Steps

The number of credits transferring in is determined by official transcript evaluation which takes up to 8 weeks to complete once all of your documents are submitted. For an unofficial transcript evaluation and to discuss the program with an advisor, schedule an appointment with BAS Program Advisor Cate O’dahl ( or call 206-934-7794. If you are ready to apply, you can do so now.