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B.A.S. Accounting with International Accounting

The Accounting, with International Accounting Bachelor of Applied Science (AIA B.A.S.) program prepares students for careers in the accounting industry.

Course Sequence

The AIA B.A.S. program of study is outlined in the table below and shows the suggested course sequence by quarter.

Junior Year AIA 310 – Int’l ACCT Ethics (5 cr) INFO 300 – Info Resources (3 cr) AIA 301 – Intermediate ACCT I (5cr) IBN 330 – Data Analytics (4 cr) AIA 302 – Intermediate ACCT II (5cr) IBN 320 – International Finance (5cr) CWE 495 – Internship (3 cr)*

Senior Year

AIA 401 – Int’l Accounting (5 cr) AIA 410 – Cost Accounting (5 cr) AIA 402 – Int’l Taxation (5 cr) AIA 430 – Accounting Information Systems (5 cr) IBN 420 – Global Business Strategy (5 cr) AIA 440 – Auditing (5 cr)


*CWE 495 – Internship: May be taken spring quarter of junior year, or any subsequent quarter.


For students who have satisfied all prerequisites, the Bachelor of Applied Science degree can be completed in two years of full-time attendance. Students admitted to the B.A.S. program are expected to follow the AIA course sequence, which is approximately 10 upper-division credits each quarter. Additionally, students may need to take some lower-division credits to complete their general education or elective requirements depending on previously completed coursework. However, most students in this situation should be able to complete their coursework within six quarters.