Due to the COVID-19 closure, our office is closed and we are not administering any tests at this time.

Students may complete their English placement remotely by taking our English Directed Self Placement tool.(Please note, Basic and Transitional Studies Level Four and below and International Students with F-1 Visas are not eligible for the Directed Self Placement tool).

If you need to take a math placement test before our office is open, you may take the math placement test online through. Please send all placement test scores to NSCTesting@seattlecolleges.edu.

To register to take the English and/or math placement e-mail to NSCTesting@seattlecolleges.edu.

Faculty are to work with student’s receiving testing accommodations directly to ensure this adjustment is adhered to and provided, as specified in their Letter of Accommodation (LOA).

Appeal Policy

An appeal must be done within one month of taking the English placement test. One appeal only, per test. The current fee for the English Appeal Test is available from the fees page.

For math appeals: Contact the Math/Science/Social Sciences Division Office, (206) 934-3746 to schedule an appointment with a math instructor or the division dean. Bring your math placement results and picture ID with you to this appointment. You may bring a recent math textbook if you feel this will strengthen your appeal for placement in a higher level.

 For English appeals: Only one appeal is permitted. There is a study guide for the Appeal Test available. Go to the Cashier to pay the Appeal Test fee. Keep your receipt—you will need to take it with you to your Appeal Test. You may take your Appeal Test at the Testing Center during regular Placement Testing drop-in testing hours.

Bring your receipt, test scores, and valid picture ID to the Testing Center when you come to test.

The placement results from the Appeal Test will be available in one week. You must pick up your results from the Testing Center in person. Bring valid picture ID with you.