ESL Testing

During COVID, we have ESL classes for you.

The classes are not on campus. Classes are online. You can sign up today!

To take an online ESL class, first you must fill out the quick application form here.

We will contact you very soon and help you register for classes.

If you took classes here before, please locate your (old) student ID number (SID) if you can.

For online classes, you will need: 

  • A computer, laptop, or tablet with a camera, speakers, and a microphone (or a headset).
  • Computer Internet access (Wi-Fi).
  • An email address that you can check every day.

If you need to borrow a laptop, please fill out the form here, or contact Nyah Ferreira at (206) 934-6030 or email her at

Any other questions, please call the Basic and Transitional Studies Office at (206) 934-4720 or email us at

If you are interested in taking an English as a Second Language class at North, you need to take a North ESL placement test. The test finds the best ESL level and class for non-native English speakers with beginning or intermediate English language skills. 

Placement testing/ESL coursework from other institutions are not accepted for placement into classes at North. 

Applications Process 

You must complete an ESL application at the Admissions and Registration office or apply online. See Test Procedure section below for application information. 

Testing is offered daily if you are eligible for a walk-in CASAS ESL test. If you are not eligible for a walk-in CASAS ESL test you will be signed up to take a group test. Please see the listing for the ESL test dates and walk-in times available on the Testing Calendar. 

All testing procedures require a valid Photo ID to be presented before you may test. 


There is no charge for the ESL placement test. 


If you have a disability and require an academic adjustment or accommodation for the test (such as extra time, a reader, a private room or a scribe) contact the Disability Services office. 

More Information 

See Retake Policy, Scores and Study Guides

Test Procedure 

To take the ESL test, you need to complete an ESL application at the Admissions and Registration Office located on the 2nd floor of the College Center building or online here

New Students 

Please go to Admissions and Registration office to complete an ESL application. Bring official picture ID with you, such as a Washington state ID or driver's license. 

When completing an ESL application, Admissions/Registration staff will complete an ESL screening questionnaire to see if you are eligible for a walk-in or group test. The questionnaire is to make sure you can understand the test examiner and can do all parts of the test independently. The listening and reading exam are on the computer and the writing part of the exam is on paper. 

If the screening questionnaire finds that you are not able to do all parts of the CASAS ESL Test independently, you will be signed up for a group test. 

If you are able to do all parts of the CASAS ESL Test independently, you are eligible for a walk-in test or you can be signed up for a group test. 

It is best to make your appointment several days before the date you choose for the group test. If you wait too long, the test may fill up. 

Specific dates for the group test are located on the Testing Center calendar