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North’s Current Progress in Seattle Pathways and Title III Work

Seattle Pathways is Seattle College’s version of Guided Pathways.  According to SBCTC (State Board of Community and Technical Colleges), Guided Pathways is “a research-based approach that simplifies choices for students.  Courses are grouped together to form clear paths through college and into careers, whether students enter those careers directly after graduation or transfer to a university for more study in their chosen fields.  Students get intensive, targeted advising to choose a path, stay on the path, learn what they need to know and graduate.”

Embody SBCTC Guided Pathways Principles

  • Guided Career Pathways work requires embracing radical, equity-minded, transformational organizational change.
  • Guided Career Pathways work requires an unwavering commitment to racial and social equity.
  • The voices of students, faculty, staff and community members are essential to engage in effective problem-focused inquiry processes that lead to meaningful action.
  • Guided Career Pathways work requires a focus on learning and outcomes aligned to community and industry needs.
  • Guided Career Pathways requires the system to foster learning amongst colleges through partnerships, professional development, and other vital resources.

Aimee Brown, Ed.M. (she/her)
Title III Director | North Seattle College
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Office: IB 2418C
Phone: 206-934-3694 | Fax: 206-934-3958

Please keep in mind how you best learn and ways to translate learning into habitual practice. 

Creating a community of practice, even with one colleague, can keep you accountable and inspired to work through these resources:

  • Transition Theory Schlossberg - slides
  • Native American College Student Transition Theory - article
  • Collectivist and individualist cultures - article
  • Black women and immigrant women - article
  • Black female identity - video
  • Crenshaw article
  • Latino immigrant identity - article
  • James Baldwin: The Fire Still Burning - podcast
  • White Supremacy Culture - article

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