Student Conduct and Student Complaints

Student Conduct

The Student Conduct Policy (WAC 132F-121-100) delineates what is misconduct (WAC 132F-121-110). If a student's conduct does not comply with our student conduct policy, disciplinary sanctions may be imposed. Reasons for misconduct referral can include, but not limited to : plagiarism; intentional disruption of teaching, administration, or campus premises. The instructor should report the incident to the division Dean/Administrator who shall refer the matter in writing to the Vice President of Student Development Services. The Vice President of Student Development Services is responsible for disciplinary action related to student misconduct.  Student conduct reports should be submitted using the online Conduct/Behavioral Intervention Incident Reporting Form. For full process see Student Handbook.

Student Complaints

The Student Complaints Policy (WAC 132F-121-060) describes the process students follow to complain about District or College policies and/or procedures that allegedly have not been followed by college personnel.

A student complaint/issue against an instructor or staff member should be referred to the appropriate division Dean or Administrator. District policy and procedures encourages student complaints to be processed on an informal basis first. This usually entails involvement of the instructor and the Dean/Administrator to resolve the complaint at the informal level. Contact information for Division Administrators is available on program pages.

If the student feel the complaint was not resolved, the student has the option of filing a formal complaint online.

The Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) has authority to investigate student complaints against specific schools. WSAC may not be able to investigate every student complaint. Visit Washington Student Achievement Council Student Complaint Process for information regarding the WSAC complaint process. Out of state student can find more information about resolving complaints.

Student Formal Grade Complaints (WAC 132F-121-090)

The Formal Grade Student complaints regarding grades received for course work can be filed using the informal or formal complaint procedure. A student may formally grieve only the final grade received in a course, but that complaint may include any or all of the components of that final grade. For a grade complaint, the respondent(s) shall be, or include, the instructor who issued the grade.

A formal complaint regarding a grade must be filed not later than the last day of the quarter which follows the quarter for which the disputed grade was received, except that a complaint regarding a spring quarter grade may be filed through the last day of the following fall quarter.

Formal Grade Complaints should be submitted online using the Grade Complaint Form.