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The Earth Sciences are any of several essentially geologic sciences that are concerned with the origin, structure and physical phenomena of the planet earth. Astronomy is added to this list at North, as a study of the earth’s solar system and beyond.

North offers a solid foundation for any endeavor that requires earth sciences. Courses satisfy AA science degree or career training program requirements and provide excellent transfer preparation. You can earn lab science credits to add to your bachelor’s program — or take a class for personal enrichment.

Strong Faculty & Outstanding Facilities

North’s earth science faculty members have diverse interests and strong credentials. Instructors are accessible, classes are small, and guest speakers are experts in their fields.

There are online choices (geology classes have been fully online since 1999) and outstanding lab facilities. The College has the finest collections and equipment of any local community college earth science program. A close working relationship with the UW gives North students access to UW facilities, including seismology labs, natural history exhibits and the planetarium.

Field Trip Opportunities

Geology courses make good use of local resources, with field trips to areas like Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Baker, the San Juan Islands, the Olympics, and to the UW Burke Museum of Natural History. A 5-day field trip is the capstone of the Pacific NW Geology course.

Earth Science Contacts

Earth Science

Tracy Furutani


Math & Science Division

IB 2331 (2nd floor, south end)



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