Academic Accommodations

Testing Accommodations

Exam accommodations are scheduled through the Testing Center. You may schedule your accommodated exams by:

  • Dropping off your exam scheduling form at the Testing Center at least three (3) school days before the exam if approved to utilize the Testing Center (drop box located outside the testing center).
  • Submit your Exam Accommodation Scheduling Form, which is online located on the right side of this page. Then send the form to
  • The Exam Accommodation Schedule for the current month is also located on the right side of this page.

Alternate Format Materials (E-text, Enlarged or Braille Materials)

  1. Purchase textbook. The publisher requires the textbook be purchased before they will provide our office with an accessible digital version.
  2. Provide the DS Office with a copy of the receipt for the purchase.
  3. Allow a two to six week lead-time to receive materials.
  4. Student is responsible to download the text. All books will be deleted from the folder at the end of the quarter.
  5. Enlarged or brailed texts will be made available upon request.
  6. Please notify the DS office of schedule changes, or materials no longer needed.

Please note, this can take up to several weeks to coordinate. Students should always contact us as soon as possible to get this accommodation started. The earlier we know what you need, the closer to the start of the term you’ll receive your materials. Our office has the ability to network with faculty to try and get as many class resources ahead of time so that they are ready when you need them throughout the class, but we can’t if we don’t know what you need, so make sure you’re communicating early and often with our office.


Students must request ASL accommodations by submitting the online form below.
Please note:  

  1. Interpreting and transcribing services require a 4 week notice for ongoing assignments (I.e., your classes). Less notice may mean services will not be available when requested.
  2. Inform the DS office and your interpreters or transcribers if you will be absent from class.
  3. If you are late for class, interpreters/transcribers will wait 20 minutes for classes less than 1 ½  hours long and 30 minutes for classes over 1 ½  hours. NOTE: Repeated “no-shows” may result in a suspension of interpreting and/or transcribing services. To reinstate services, you must schedule a meeting with the Director of DS.  
  4. Interpreting/transcribing services may be requested for any college activity or function.  Inform DS Office of event and allow a minimum of 5 days for services to be set in place. Less notice may mean an interpreter or transcriber will not be available.
  5. Inform the DS Office of any problems with provided services.
  6. Notify the DS Office of any schedule changes.
  7. If you are unable to attend class, inform DS immediately so communication access services can be canceled for that class.


Students can request note-taking services here.
Once identified as a need and approved by DS, student’s interested in note-taking services will alert the DS Director of the classes they require note-taking for and will indicate whether they prefer this accommodation be confidential (i.e., weekly notes received through the DS Office) or non-confidential (i.e., daily notes received directly from the volunteer notetaker, typically after class).

Once preference is confirmed, DS will request for volunteer notetakers based on the class roster and GPA.  If DS is unable to find a volunteer, we may ask the instructor to see if they are able to find a notetaker.

Requests for volunteer notetakers should be submitted 2-3 weeks prior to the start of the quarter. Switching sections or making other schedule changes may cause delays service. Students should inform Disability Services immediately when such changes arise. In the event a volunteer is not found, students are encouraged to ask a friend or classmate to exchange notes.

Permission to Audio Record

Some students may be granted permission to audio record class lectures as an accommodation. Students with this accommodation may use their own recording device or check one out temporarily at Disability Services. Students planning on audio recording class lectures are encouraged to communicate this with their faculty prior to recording.

Procedure for Checking Out Equipment

Equipment is allowed to be checked out every quarter (e.g., digital voice recorder, mice alternatives, text magnifiers, et cetera). Students must complete an Equipment Loan Agreement. Students are responsible to keep equipment in good working condition. If an item breaks or no longer works it is the students’ responsibility to inform the DSS staff as soon as possible so that an item may be repaired and/or replaced. Per the Equipment Loan Agreement, students who don’t return equipment will have a hold placed on their school account.

Problems with equipment or technology should be immediately reported to the DSS office by the student using the equipment.