Remote DS Testing Procedure:

In response to COVID-19 and our collective commitment to prioritizing the health and safety of our students, staff, and faculty at North, most classes are to be delivered online or in alternative formats for the duration of Summer quarter.

Student’s will have limited access to on-site services, including Testing. As such, all exams will be administered remotely, unless otherwise specified.

Faculty are to work with student’s receiving testing accommodations directly to ensure this adjustment is adhered to and provided, as specified in their Letter of Accommodation (LOA). During remote operations, student’s will not be required to submit the Testing Center’s Test Tracking Form. Arrangements will be coordinated with the specific student and adjusted by faculty, as needed.

Next steps: So your accommodations were approved… what next?

Each quarter students wish to use services they are required to request a new copy of their Letter of Accommodation (LOA).

Students can do this in a few ways:

Once requested, Disability Services staff emails LOA to students and cc’s faculty.

  • Students are not required to complete an intake each quarter or meet with Disability Services staff in order to request new copies of their Accommodation Letter.

The biggest thing to remember is just because you have approved accommodations, doesn’t mean you have to use them. Depending on the context of the course and various supports available you may not need or want to use specific accommodations every class. That said, if something isn’t working or your needs are not being met, come talk to us, we might be able to switch things up and find something that works better.

Transferring Records

For students interested in exchanging information regarding their documentation (e.g., medical records, Letter of Accommodation) to another college or university, please complete the Release of Information form.

(206) 934-3697 voice
(206) 934-3958 fax

Josef Mogharreban, Ph.D., CRC
josef mogharreban
Please call to request alternative arrangements outside regular office hours

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