Spring Quarter 2022 FAQs

North Seattle College will offer in-person and online classes this spring. Check the Spring Quarter schedule to see if a course is online, and contact the instructor or your academic advisor with questions.

Spring quarter starts on Monday, April 4.

Check the class schedule online to see if a course is in-person, online, hybrid, or "optional F2F or online." Check the "notes" section of the class listing online to learn more information and expectations for the course.

In-person Classes
If you prefer to take classes on campus, search for in-person classes. You'll see the class days and times on the schedule. 

Online Classes
For online classes, your instructor will provide materials though Canvas, our online learning management system. These materials may include readings, video lectures, and activities. 

Though you can work independently much of the time, online classes have due dates for assignments, activities, and discussions. There may also be interaction between you and other students through discussions, team projects, and other activities, depending on the course and instructor.

Your instructor will be able to answer questions through email and may offer virtual office hours. If you like a lot of independence and a flexible schedule, this is a good option for you.

Hybrid Classes
A hybrid class combines in-person instruction with online instruction. Be sure to log into Canvas before the first day of the quarter. You might not meet in person until Wednesday for example, but you may have work to do online before the first class meeting. Check the class schedule to see the days and times you'd need to be on campus.

Optional F2F or Online
Some classes are listed as "Optional F2F or Online." This means the class meets at a specific day and time, and there are no on-campus meetings. On the class schedule, the room number will appear as "virtual." 

Spring quarter starts Monday, April 4, and ends on Friday, June 17. See the Seattle Colleges Academic Calendar for details.

To help you prepare for Spring Quarter, North Seattle College continues to offer Student Services by email, Zoom, and phone. Contact information is here, and a Campus Directory is available online. Please reach out, we’re here to help!

North Seattle College Bookstore will remain closed to the public until further notice. Textbook rental returns are available by mail, and textbooks can be ordered online. Learn more. Please email SM234@bncollege.com or call 206-934-4678 if you have questions.

Instructions for online textbook orders:

  • Go to the North Seattle College Bookstore website.
  • Hover over “Textbooks” in the upper left corner, and click on “Find Textbooks.”
  • Enter Department and Course Number and Item Number (under Section field) and then click “Find Materials.”
  • Select your preferred format and condition (buy, rent, used, new, digital). Please note – unless stated otherwise – that we fulfill the next available condition if we are unable to fulfill your preferred condition.
  • Select “Add Items to Cart” when you are done.
  • On the top right, when you are ready, select “View Cart”.
  • Click “Checkout” then proceed to Continue as Guest, Create an Account, or Login if you already have one.
  • Once completed, enter your shipping and payment information (you can add more than one payment method – if needed).

If using an approved Voucher, select “Voucher with Student ID” and enter your name and SID number in the appropriate fields.

Please note that if your order total exceeds your voucher or gift card balance and/or if you are renting a title, you will need to enter another form of payment to cover the remaining balance and/or secure your rental.

In order to be successful in taking classes, you will need: 

  • a computer, tablet, or mobile device 
  • speakers and a microphone or a headset 
  • a built-in camera or camera that can be attached  
  • Internet access

For more information please see the Online Classes & Technology Assistance page.

Students can fill out one application to apply for emergency assistance funding from multiple grants, including the Federal CARES Act, United Way Emergency Assistance funds, Student Emergency Assistance Grant, and the Foundation’s COVID Emergency Fund. These emergency funds can be used to support student expenses related to technology needs, childcare, housing, medical expenses, and in some cases tuition & textbooks.

All students including International/F1 Visa holders, DACA, and students without legal status are eligible to apply for funding.  Student eligibility and the other information is online.

Additional information about emergency resources that may be useful for students is listed here on the Emergency Resources for Students page.

eLearning provides a number of support services, including Canvas and Zoom support. eLearning staff is available by phone, email and Zoom. See the website for more information.

North’s Help Desk is also available for technology support. Please email ITHelp@seattlecolleges.edu for assistance.