Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) advises the units on campus that provide support for information technologies in teaching and learning, and in the day-to-day business of the college.  The committee includes constituents from across the North Seattle College campus.

The North Seattle Technology Plan is a work in progress and the committee will be working on coordinating the campus technology plan with the larger strategic plan and core themes for the College.

The ITAC meets quarterly and meetings are open to anyone who is interested in IT on campus. Beginning Fall 2015 two quarterly meetings will be scheduled, one meeting with ITAC members to discuss and review IT governance, one General All Campus ITAC meeting for our campus community to be part of the dialogue and provide feedback for upcoming ITAC campus initiatives. 

Both quarterly meetings will be on campus and held around the second week of the announced designated month.


Contact Sean McDonald at the IT Call Center 934-3630.