Research Major Prerequisites

Major prerequisites are courses that must be completed to be eligible for admission into a certain major. For example, most of the universities and colleges require BIOL&211, BIOL&212, and BIOL& 213 for a biology major program.

How to Find Major Prerequisites

Some colleges/universities post their majors’ prerequisites on their Web site. If you cannot find a major’s prerequisites on their site, contact their admissions office.

Major Guides and Pre-major Info

The major guides are meant to help assist you as you prepare for your major and university transfer. Find them here.

Corresponding with an Admissions Office

If you can’t find the information you need on the Web site, you will need to contact the school’s admission office. Here are some tips on the best way to approach this conversation:

  • Introduce yourself.
  • • Give them your legal name.
  • • Tell them you are are studying at North Seattle College in Washington state.
  • • Indicate if you are an international student.
  • • Let them know your intended major.
  • Ask for information.
  • • Your intended major’s prerequisites
  • • Their specific set of prerequisites or their suggested courses
  • • If there is a separate admission process for your intended major, and, if so, what the deadlines are for the application

Tips for Emailing an Admissions Office

An admission office willl tend to send you a link to their Web site if your inquiry is too general. (Remember: they receive hundreds of e-mails from prospective students every day.) In order to get specific information, research their Web site before contacting them. When you contact them, let them know what you already learned from their site, and ask specific questions.

Bad example: “Please tell me your psychology major’s prerequisites."

Good example: “I learned from your Web site that your nutrition major requires a biology course. However, I’m not sure which biology course I should take at the community college I am currently attending. Would you please advise me?"