Bookkeeping Assistant Certificate

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The Bookkeeping Assistant certificate provides the student with a basic understanding of accounting principles and procedures, business and accounting computer software, and computational skill-building. It is designed to provide foundational skill development and incremental course completion that can be applied to the Bookkeeping certificate, Computerized Accounting Technology certificate, and the Accounting AAS degree. In addition, students will broaden their understanding of the accounting field through real-world job shadowing experiences in the public and/or private sector. This is an I-BEST supported certificate.

Learning Outcomes
  • • Use office support accounting terminology

  • • Apply basic computer skills to accounting office support functions


Certificate Prerequisites: Placement into ENGL&101 or previous transcripts showing completion of ENGL 98 or above with minimum grade of 2.0. Tests must have been taken within the last 2 years.

I-BEST Program Prerequisites:  The I-BEST program allows students who do not meet the above prerequisites to start earlier with supporting instruction. All I-BEST applicants must meet with the I-BEST Coordinator and meet the following test score requirements. All tests must have been taken within the last 6 months:

ESC and ABE CASAS must have test scores with a minimum score of 227 in Reading and Math.


Course Prerequisites: Many classes have prerequisites. Prerequisites are those classes that prove eligibility for entry- level classes by testing or by having satisfied prior course work. Course work earned at other institutions must be unofficially evaluated or approved by a program advisor before registering. Courses in this degree with pre-requisites are marked with an asterisk (*). See catalog for more information.

Note: Advanced placement testing, work experience, and transfer of credits may result in course waivers, credit transfer, and advanced placement.


 Program Requirements

Course Number

Certificate Requirements (24 credits)

Credit Hours

ACCT 110

Introduction to Accounting/Bookkeeping


BUS 115

Computational Skill Building


BUS 124

Excel for Business


ACCT 131*

QuickBooks (see Note 1)


BUS 169

Using Computers in Business


CWE 101 or

CWE 102

Portfolio, Job Search, and Interviewing or

Job Shadowing


Total Credits: 24
(excluding pre-requisites)

Notes: 1. Must have ACCT 110 or ACCT& 201 or permission.
Total Credits
Total Credits -- Minimum

This program of study is outlined by quarter, and courses should be taken in the indicated sequence. However, it should not be concluded that students will always proceed through their program of study exactly as prescribed here. The number of quarters listed here is minimal. Not all courses are offered every quarter. Individual student experiences, educational and training background, and personal schedules and demands all may affect the time it takes to finish this program. Also, in general, summer quarter is not considered one of the full-time quarters in the program.

1st quarter: BUS 115, BUS 169, ACCT 110

2nd quarter: BUS 124, ACCT 131, CWE 101 or CWE 102


Sequence Type

Program Outcomes:

• Use office support accounting terminology

• Apply basic computer skills to accounting office support functions

What Skills do I need to be successful in this field?

What are some potential job titles?

• Billing Clerk

• Accounting Assistant

• Office Clerk

Wages, employment trends and pathways


Always contact advising office first for questions and/or planning:

NSC Advising Office:      (206) 934-3658        

Program Website: 


Accounting Department

Program Contacts:

Joseph (Joe) Smith
(206) 934-4525

Marla Lockhart
(206) 934-6026

I-BEST Program Contact:

Sara Stapleton
(206) 934-7015