13th Year
How to Apply and Eligibility Requirements

We encourage all Ingraham High School seniors to apply for the 13th Year Promise Scholarship. To receive the scholarship, you will need to complete the following by the indicated deadlines:


Dates & Deadlines     Requirement

Jan. 15th 2018:            • Apply for admission to North Seattle College

Feb. 1st 2018:             • Submit completed 13th Year Promise Scholarship Application

                                    • Complete FAFSA or WASFA

Feb.-May 2018:           • Participate in Readiness Academy activities (Dates TBD)

March 15th 2018:        • Complete your NSC Financial Aid file

June 24th 2018:          • Attend START New Student Orientation & register as a fulltime student

June 2018:                  • Graduate from Ingraham High School

Sept. 2018:                 • Attend 2-3 day 13th Year Bridge Orientation Program (Dates TBD)

Once accepted, students must enroll as a full-time student (12-18 credits) and maintain satisfactory academic progress to keep their scholarship.

    • 13th Year Contact
    • Jerry Vasquez
    • Telephone: (206) 934-4716
    • Email